Lost love makes you draw.

Some times I like to do a little art work. I think I was heart broken at the time i made this one. I had a boyfriend in the online game SecondLife. We were together for a year or so and we chose to get married in the game. It was great till I found out he not gay but bi. And has a wife and daughter. Yes I do realize doing a in game dating and marriage I should have expected this. what can I say, I was 18 lol. After I got in college again he told me I was never around and that I drove him to cheat on me. To be honest im glad he did cause I can see after that his true colors.

What I would say to anyone in this situation is to never be the other woman. Or man in my case… If your partner is willing to cheat on there husband / wife for you; then they are more than happy to trash you for another as soon as they get bored. A saying I saw on Facebook the other day sums out relationship up perfectly. ” When someone unfriends you it’s like the trash taking it’s self out. ” And it’s true.

A year latter he messaged me again and asked me to create a second account so we could try dating again. I told him where he can shove his mouse before blocking him. I hope you know how happy this made me.

Today if you sent me back in time I would not change any of this. I do now believe you should ever change the past. Doing so only serves to change your path you take to your future. if I never had this experience then I would have never met the man that I am with today. Apparently I never learn my lesson and met another guy in the same game. Only difference is this time it worked and I am now living with him in real life 7 years latter.

That was the long way of saying that this picture represents a broken heart. Lucky me now it’s protected so it can heal.



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