Welcome to The Fizzy. Id love to talk about the books i have read, things going on in every day life, my horrible spelling, and everything else that comes to mind. I hope a good many of you will join me on this journey to the fizzy also known as my mind. Fair warning. I have a dirty mind and love to use bad language. Ill try and keep it under control but if it offends you… GOOD! lol just kidding but really feel free to call me out on it. lets start with a few questions.

  1. have you ever started a blog before? If so send me a link please id love to check it out.
  2. How did you find this blog?
  3. Favorite cuss word
  4. What do you think of my logo? Can you think of a better one?
  5. 1 to 10 how bad does my grammar suck?

post in the comments.

cropped-fancy-f.jpg  <<< the logo


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