Scarlet Book Review. Spoiler alert?

Scarlet. The Lunar Chronicles book two. By Marissa Meyer.

I loved Scarlet as much as I loved Cinder. I seam to keep coming back to the Lunar Chronicles between reading other books. In this book we continue fallowing Cinder who we now know is the cyborg lunar princess. as she escapes from prison with the help of Carswell Thorne, another prisoner of the common wealth, as they make there way off the planet to plan there next move. While this is happening we also fallow a young french girl named Scarlet Benoit. With read hair, a fire in her soul, and a gun in her belt she is one farm girl not to be messed with. While running her missing grandmother’s farm she runs into wolf who has information about the grandmothers ware abuts. from that one encounter her true story begins as she will soon be on cinders path. along with a great one sided world war, space ships, and trips to Africa, this is one book I know you will love.

The storytelling is great in this book. I was iffy at first about how it shifts between Scalet, the prince, and cinder’s stories with every chapter. but i soon learned to love that style. Once again I had no issues reading this book as every paragraph gives a chance to through your thoughts on someone into the opposite direction. It did seam that the romance between the two characters fell on kind of fast. But some times that’s how love is. Once again Iko pulls at my heart the most. I cant help but to love her.I would recommend this book to anyone willing to step into another world for a while.

For more information on the book you can check out Marissa Meyer’s website Here.

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