The Novice Book Review. Spoiler Alert?

The Novice. Summoner series book one.

By Taran Matharu.

I was not sure if this book would keep my attention but after a few moments of reading I really fell into it. Between the description of the town and city. To the demons and different races of people. (humans, orcs, elves, dwarfs) This book deals with a lot of issues involving race, class, and war. Fletcher is the adopted son and apprentice of a black smith who finds out he has the ability to summon demons. A gift that normally only people of nobility have. After summoning his demon he is forced to leave his home cause of murder charges and makes his way to a school for battlemages. here he will learn what he needs to survive the war between human and orc. As well as the possible war between human and elves, human and dwarfs, elves and orc, upper class human and lower class human. Hopefully he will find out enough about his past to save his future.

I really liked the writing in this book though some parts of it hi had to read twice. I also had a little trouble with the names but they matched the time period. I also felt like it gave you information a little fast. Could have spread the character building a little more. Over all though I really enjoyed this book and look forward to reading the next one in this series. Most likely I will read this book again.

For more information on The Novice and the rest of the Summoner series click Here.

I could not find a website for Taran Matharu. if someone knows of one please let me know.

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