Meeting my boyfriend online.

So first off I kept typing “meating” my boyfriend. instead of “meeting” my moyfriend. Googhe search those words and one makes me look like a qsycho killer lol. 

  • But anyway. We were both playing a game called secondlife. Its just kind of a place to relax online. We were both flirting in a vampire group. I am shy but he was hell bent that we would be friends lol. We started to hang out and talk on skype. Visited a few in game places. After 3 years i made my trip from Texas to California to visit him. I was so scared but could not avoid it once i was on the plain. When i landed i got a knife from the gift shop to use on him just in case I needed to stab a bitch. Thank god i didnt have to use it lol. We clicked again and now we are togather 3 yeare latter.
  • Now if you online date try to get there information.
  • Meet in public
  • Dont be suprised if it does not wotk face to face
  • Always remember. Stab them if you hame to 
  • Your safety comes first

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