The Mandela Effect

Have you ever heard of the Mandela Effect? My boyfriend is watching non stop youtube videos about it and it’s actually pretty interesting. It got it’s name when Nelson Mandela was thought to have died in the 80’s. in fact he died Dec. 5, 2013. Most of the country though recalls him dying and even remembers watching his death on television. What is even more odd is most everyone recalls seeing it the exact same way. No one really knows why this is but it actually happens every day. Here are a few pictures of things people remember wrong.

Monopoly man has no monocle but people remember it and are willing to bet anything on it.


Fruit loops is spelled with “ui” not ” oo” except for a few newer boxes where they changed it now.sub-buzz-31008-1476219598-9

“Mirror Mirror on the wall.” was never said. The movie line is ” magic mirror on the wall”. Mirror Mirror on the wall is from the Brothers Grim book. but everyone rembers the evil queen saying it. sub-buzz-19396-1476210168-6

last one ill show is pikachu. many say the end of his tail is black but it’s yellow.


No one really knows why this happens but it does. Peoples stories are so similar that some people theories that time travelers are changing stuff. ” If this is true and the time traveler sees this can you please leave shit alone. ” or that maybe we have shifted in to a alternate dimension where all this is different and we are feeling the after effects.  What we do know though is that we do not know. We do not know why this happens. We do not know how this happens. And we know it’s very interesting.

Do you know of this happening to you? Can you give an example? Id love to read it in the comments. Like and subscribe if you found this interesting.


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