My Coming Out

I’ve got to say I am one of the more lucky ones when it comes to coming out to my parents that I am gay. I’m 27 years old and I came out to them when i was 25. So not really that long ago. One or two years before I had moved out of my parents house and across the country to California to move in with my boyfriend whom I had met online. He still remembers me crying myself to sleep every night for two weeks dreading having to tell them. I felt i had no choice since they were coming to visit me for the first time. I know that I am being confusing with confusing with my timeline. Sadly though that is not going to stop lol. Anyway a few years before I moved I told my brother and his wife. From then on we kept going little inside jokes. As far as we know they never picked up on it. back to now though I could not handle telling them myself. I ended up paying my brother $20 to tell them for me. Yes I know it’s the cowards way out but you do what you have to do. From what i can tell they already kind of new. Lucky me though he told them really close to the day that they were going to fly out. So ither way i had to go through the awkward talk with them. But at least we had a little platform to start from. Also lucky me once they met my boyfriend they just loved him. Like i said before im very lucky in the way my coming out went. most people are not so lucky though; cause of personal believe, prejudis, or religion and so on. A lot of teenagers are kicked out of their home by their parents for something they have no control over. This leads to feelings of self-hatred and worse stuff like suicide. I don’t know about others but I was raised to try to help if I can when I can see something wrong. I encourage you to do the same. If you think Someone is going through something offer to help. You can also tell a nother adult, friend, or the teacher and cops. there is someone who can help you or your friend.

HERE is a link to a lgbt website with numbers for help lines both over the phone and on-line and other such ways to help. If you know of other help groups please post in the comments. Gay or straight. Man or woman. Everyone deserves to get the help they need.


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