Random thoughts out walking.

I’m walking around outside going to pick up medication from apartment and I’m just thinking about doing it maybe funny.

1. Do I really need to go and pick up in visiting Pharmacy? Do not feel like walking .

2. Do stop lights and signs. Mean nothing any more. I know how to make people listen…

3. Why does the city of hot homeless people?


4. It’s creating Army of crows and pigeons the logical? Or just crazy? Maybe diabolical?


5. I wish my apartment have balcony. I would buy vanilla ice cream and let it melt and then just sit up there all day dropping it on the people’s head and making bird sounds.

6. I have been walking for 20 minutes with my earphones in but no music playing…..
7. I love insurance. $350 pills go down to just $60.


8. Home sweet home. Now to go back to bed. Im sleeping with my pillow and blanket. Threesome!! lol


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