Armadillo Eggs Texas Recipe

I got this recipe from one of my family members. No you are not cooking actual eggs. Also this calls for a Grill or a BBQ pit, but you can use an oven. I love this dish cause you can use knife and fork and be all fancy. Or just pick it up and bite the thing.

2 lb Sausage.

10 to 12 jalapenos

1 onion cut into strips

1 lb Monterrey cheese

20 strips of bacon

BBQ pit or Grill

Cut the jalapenos in half, length-wise.
Use a spoon to clean out all seeds and pulp, then wash and dry them.

Cut the cheese into small pieces and place in the jalapeno halves, along with
a strip or two of onion.
Mold the sausage completely around the peppers. (will look like an egg.) Wrap with a slice of bacon.
Grill until completely cooked.




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