Format my computer.

Well it looks like I downloaded a virus to my computer. Normally I am so careful with what is done on my computer. Sometimes though something just hits you from behind. Wish I had taken a picture to show you all. It went BSOD (blue screen of death) on me. that’s when your screen turns blue with white text and numbers on it. after which it restarted. I was able to log in but the screen just went to black and crashed again. Not all was lost though. Even though i had to wipe my computer and re install the operating system I was prepared with backups and saves. I’m going to put a list of some things i keep to help in these situations. I hope the programs will help you as well. Most of these you can use from a flash drive.

  1. UBCD. The Ultimate Boot CD is a computer tool I could not live with out. It has tools to format your computer, test the hard drive, memory. can pretty much test and fix most anything outside of the operating system. Usually ill put it in and restart my computer. You will want to make your computer start up from the CD drive instead of the hard drive. There website has more information on the different programs inside of this CD as well as to get the free download.
  2. Double Driver. Your computer uses drivers to understand its self. Like if you plug in a gaming mouse, you install drivers for your computer to recognized that it has extra buttons. Or if you put in a wireless card. It uses drivers to understand what it is and what to do with it. When you format and reinstall your operating system. Your louse all the drivers you had installed. If you are like half the world you lost the drivers CD your computer came with. Or if you built your computer like I did then you don’t have a CD of all your drivers. Double driver backs up all your drivers either to the desktop, flash drive, or a CD. I have the program on a flash drive along with a copy of all my drivers. It is a life saver and a way to save you from 6 hours of trying to figure out if a driver works for your computer so you can find and install it. You can download Double Driver for free through the link. Like I said. Just put the program on a flash drive along with the back up of the drivers. put it some where safe. ( I duct taped mine to the side of the computer.) If you need it you have it. Every once in a while just plug it in and update your backed up drivers.
  3. ProductKey. Your operating system (windows XP, Vista,7,8,10) all have a product key. It’s what tells your computer that you legally bought the operating system. You always want to keep this key cause what a lot of people do not know is that if you have to reinstall your operating system. If it’s the same one on the same computer then you can re use the product key. like if it’s Windows 7 home premium, then you need to reinstall Windows 7 home premium. this way you can save $60 or more. ProductKey is a program that will show you your product key so you can make a copy of it if you need to. I keep a copy of this in the flash drive that holds my drivers.
  4. External hard drive. They are not cheep but they are life savers. Buy one the same size or bigger then your computers hard drive, set it up, forget about it. it should keep backing up but you may want to look every once in a while just in case. I got my Western Digital on sale around Christmas time when it was on sale. By the way. The best time to buy electronics tends to be back to school sales, and Christmas sales.
  5. CCleaner. CCleaner is a good program to use before you have an issue. it can clean junk fines in your computer and help it run faster. As well as clean your computer registry of junk files and mistakes.
  6. Virus scanner. So different people tell you different virus scanners are the best. In reality almost any virus scanner is better than no virus scanner. But a common misconception that people have is that more than one virus scanner is better than one. NO! If you have more than one then they will see each other scanning your computer and try to stop each other. this can usually crash your computer.

I hope these tips can help you out if ever there is a time that you have to wipe your computer. Or at least help prevent some computer issues. Best of luck to you.


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