The inquisition. Summoner serier. Spoiler alert?

The inquisition. Summoner series book two.

By Taran Matharu.

I want to start off with I loved this book. Not going to lie. The beginning is a little hard to get through. He is in a prison cell being abused but if you can stick with it through that you will be rewarded with a huge chunk of Fletcher’s back story. The whole naked baby at the village gate. Explained. And it is good. Further on in the story we are updated on whats going on in the world. Terrorist bombings, the anvils broken up, new demons, and a mission with an enemy to destroy a threat and rescue a noble woman before the war flips drastically against us. The ending is pretty tragic with two people dying and Fletcher’s group forced to escape in the most unexpected way. What will happen to our favorite group? Will they make it back alive? I have no clue cause after looking at four or five stores I find out book three is not out for another month.  But I cant wait to read it. 

I highly recommend this book as well as the first one. Taran Matharu is a amazing writer. I love the demonology section in the back of the book. It tells you about every demon you see in the book. Like i said though the beginning is a little hard to get through but stick with it cause its still good. I hope you will give these books a shot.

For more information on the Inquisition and the rest of the Summoner series click here.

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