The Soulkeepers. By G. P. Ching. Spoilers?

15 year old Jacob Lau is pulled from his mothers crashed car. No one understands why he was driving and where his mother is. On top of this he has no memory of the accident or the events leading up to it. He moves across the states to live with his uncle till they can find out where his mother is. Soon he discovers his neighbor Abigale Silva is different from other women and she offers to help find out what happened to his mother in return for him becoming a soulkeeper. With this not only his view of the world, but also his life will change. In order to save his family and friends Jacob will have to literally go through heaven and hell.

I really loved this book. I would have liked for the author to build the world a little more. But over all it flowed nicely. I was really able to connect with how Jacob was feeling through out the book and I loved Abigale. She has some strong inner demons to deal with. I can tell this book series is going to drag me into it for a while. And I am going to love every moment of it.

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