Kidney Failure

The reason I have been gone for so long  recently is cause I have been dealing with Kidney Failure. Like my father I was born with only one kidney. For those of you who do not know you have to change your diet for when you are missing one. lucky for me my original doctor did not bother to tell me I had this issue….. If im right my function level of the kidney is at 40% for now. Next time you go in for a scan, ask your doctor to just count and make shore it is all there lol. anyway I’ll be posting a site and a few things of information so in case you or another person you know has a kidney issue maybe you can pass on information to them.

I love this website. it has so much useful information plus so many recipes for your diet. I urge you to check out this website. even if you do not have any kidney problems the food is so good and can be good for you to.


Go full on vegetarian. There has been research that proves that a cutting out all meat as well as all drinks but water usually causes improvements.


Talk to your doctor about what diets you have to be on for this. I am currently having to talk to my specialist cause my doctor put me on 5 different diets plus the two the specialist put me on. they are all going against each other. So don’t be afraid to talk to someone about this. Knowledge is power and you need that power.



Do you have any tips or advice on kidney failure or kidney diets? Please post them in the comments. I would love more information on this subject.


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